On tonight's episode of "The Crypto Show," we interview Marco Peerboom in studio and Kenn Bosak over Skype. We discuss the newly released beta for Politeia, the proposal-submission and voting system for Decred, as well as some of the finer technical points of how it operates. We cover Kenn's really cool Decred tattoo and the story behind it, as well as the super-snazzy, envy-inducing Decred jacket, available at Crypto Emporium, that he has been sporting in style for a while. (Once you see it, you will want it.)

We also talk about Decred's experience at the Miami Bitcoin Conference, as well as upcoming conferences which Danny, Marco, and Kenn will be attending this year. We touch upon the advantages of DAOs, governance systems, signaling, and crypto-community voting systems (Dash, Decred) over cryptocurrencies whose decision-making is done by a centralized committee of developers (i.e., Bitcoin). We also get into a brief conversation about forking and the Bitcoin scalability debate. Somehow, goat porn makes its way into the conversation.

We also discuss the regulatory nature of ICOs and what they future holds for them. It was an all-around great show.