The Top 5 Reasons to Become a Decred Stakeholder
November News Round-up

Yet again, it?s been another busy few months for Decred! In the wake of the Atomic Swap release we?ve had several new developers jump aboard, three new exchange listings, a growing presence at conferences and events, and a new Decred community YouTube show.

Hard Forks Done Right? - It?s Decred?s Time to Shine!
Decred Cross-chain Atomic Swaps: Eliminating Trust from Trades

So, you know that Decred aims to take decentralization to a whole new level, right? We?re talking a decentralized cryptocurrency with decentralized decision-making, decentralized funding, and decentralized development. Just when you thought the future of Decred couldn?t get any more decentralized, the release of a new tool has taken the concept one step further!

Demand for Decred is rising!

Over the last few months we have seen a steady rise in demand for Decred right across the board. We?ve had a big increase in the number of people joining our community on all social networks, hash rate is booming, and relative to inflation the circulating supply of Decred is dropping!

Decred: where did it all begin?

In this story we uncover the cypherpunk roots of the Decred Project. Many within the Decred community assumed that the current project organizer, Jake Yocom-Piatt, founded Decred right from the start. However, after doing a little digging, it appears this isn’t the case.