Governance of the Decred project subsidy through Politeia
2018 Decred Roadmap

It is finally time for the 2018 Decred roadmap to be released. 2017 has been quite an eventful year for both Decred and the entire cryptocurrency domain, with exchange rates surging and a substantial increase in interest from the conventional finance sector. Decred has continued with its approach of generating deliverables before hyping them...

How to Get Hired as a Decred Contractor
Year Two in Review and a Look to the Future!
Cryptocurrency security: Spectre and Meltdown

Recently Google disclosed a new class of vulnerabilities known as Spectre and Meltdown. Folks in the Decred community have been asking questions about the implications of these bugs for Decred. This post delineates implications of these exploits and possible countermeasures. These bugs are akin to traders issuing cancels without back pressure to manipulate the market.

The Top 5 Reasons to Become a Decred Stakeholder
November News Round-up

Yet again, it?s been another busy few months for Decred! In the wake of the Atomic Swap release we?ve had several new developers jump aboard, three new exchange listings, a growing presence at conferences and events, and a new Decred community YouTube show.

Hard Forks Done Right? - It?s Decred?s Time to Shine!
Politeia: Proposals in a Timestamped Filesystem

Rather than settling for governance infrastructure that is just good enough to get the job done, we opted to create what we consider to be the ideal infrastructure for self-governance of a cryptocurrency. We call our system for storing governance data Politeia, which is based on the ancient Greek term, meaning ?a system of government?.

Decred Cross-chain Atomic Swaps: Eliminating Trust from Trades

So, you know that Decred aims to take decentralization to a whole new level, right? We?re talking a decentralized cryptocurrency with decentralized decision-making, decentralized funding, and decentralized development. Just when you thought the future of Decred couldn?t get any more decentralized, the release of a new tool has taken the concept one step further!

Decred v1.1.0 ?Thunderstruck?? - Development Dispatch 26
On-Chain Atomic Swaps

As many of you know, yesterday marked the first cross-chain atomic swap between Decred and Litecoin. This is an important step in a direction that allows users to conduct trustless, cross-chain, over-the-counter (?OTC?) trades without a third party.

Demand for Decred is rising!

Over the last few months we have seen a steady rise in demand for Decred right across the board. We?ve had a big increase in the number of people joining our community on all social networks, hash rate is booming, and relative to inflation the circulating supply of Decred is dropping!

Decred Recruiting
Decred: where did it all begin?

In this story we uncover the cypherpunk roots of the Decred Project. Many within the Decred community assumed that the current project organizer, Jake Yocom-Piatt, founded Decred right from the start. However, after doing a little digging, it appears this isn’t the case.