Introducing Dcrpool

Decred’s high network security is a result of its hybrid Proof-of-Work (“PoW”) and Proof-of-Stake (“PoS”) mining system. It depends on how decentralized Decred’s PoW and PoS actors are. With over 20 Voting Service Providers ("VSP”) and open-source VSP software, the PoS aspect of the network is currently the most decentralized.

More Exchanges, More Access: Decred Grows Availability & Liquidity

Privacy, liquidity, and availability. According to a user survey from exactly one year ago, the Decred community overwhelmingly identified these three areas of improvement. While the embers of privacy smolder and tease against the silent backdrop of excitement and anticipation, I’d like to focus on solid progress on the other two fronts.

Update on the Decred 1.4 release
Decred Independent Contractor Roadmap for 2019
Decred and Ditto in 2019

To the community: The following is how Ditto is thinking about Decred in 2019. This should spark a conversation around what you think is a good idea, an idea not worth pursuing, or something you may want to build off of that we mentioned.

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