In this episode I talk to Marco Peereboom, Hacker, Decred new systems development lead and CTO of company zero about the Decred project and how it aims to upend the fiat paradigm and become a global currency. Decred is a hybrid proof of work/proof of stake system that makes forking and 51% attacks nearly impossible and adds a layer of governance that's missing from Bitcoin. A very intriguing project.


On tonight's episode of "The Crypto Show," we interview Marco Peerboom, CTO and Cofounder of the cryptocurrency "Decred." Marco gives us a quick breakdown of just what Decred is and its features, and then he, Danny, and I discuss the many ways in which Decred is an improvement upon Bitcoin, in fact a "Bitcoin without the drama."


Marco regales us with the details behind the cryptocurrency project "Decred," going into detail concerning its voting operations. Brian asks many pointed questions concerning the project, and we barely get a chance to discuss Ethereum. This show ends up being a lot of fun while being highly informative about a powerful crypto creeping below the surface that many might be aware of but probably should be keeping an eye on.