Post Conference Report

By @heyvj with input from @jholdstock

Conference: Web Summit, 06.11.2018, Lisbon

Duration: 3 days (06.11.2018 to 09.11.2018)

Participants: ~60,000 (estimated) over 3 days


  • 2 designs of stickers (Y out of X left)
  • A6 postcards (Decred & Politeia variety; Y out of X left)
  • Tote Bags (0 out of X left)
  • T Shirts (Y out of X left)
  • Mini-badges (0 out of c. 500+ left)
  • Stakey keychains, 2 designs (0 of c. 1000 left)
  • All swag used up, except for a small quantity of t-shirts

  • We ran out of general Decred leaflets first and then also Politeia leaflets. We should have a higher quantity of Decred general leaflets than Politeia ones.

  • Stakey keychains went down extremely well especially with the younger & female crowd. The mature stakey was the favourite. Karamble did a good job of using baby and grown up stakey to illustrate ticket stages.

  • Tote bags were also popular. These and Stakey keychains were the two things most people came to the stand and asked to take.


Right-angled stand, positioned near centre of exhibit area near investor area and smaller startup exhibitor stands.

A number of changes should be made to the Decred stand design:

  • The team felt the booth should say that Decred is a cryptocurrency - this was a general interest/tech conference with Decred being the only cryptocurrency with its own stand. There were a few other related companies such as the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp.

  • The booth should also have the word blockchain. Both these are needed at a general interest (non-cryptocurrency focused) event.

  • For a corner/L-shaped booth like we had, both sides need to say Decred, a short slogan and the website. We had it on the ‘wrong’ side in that the busiest flow of traffic wasn’t able to see the Decred logo and branding until they had passed the booth.

Overall experience:

  • Some of the concepts/terms that resonated best with people new to crypto in my experience are:

    • “Decred brings democracy to cryptocurrency”
    • “In the same way shareholders in a company get to vote on certain decision, DCR holders are voting on the future of the currency – how rule changes are made, which features get built, what the treasury money is spent on etc.”
  • On several occasions "where are you based" to which we answered: "Decred is an open source project with contributors all around the world".