Post Event Report

By Dustorf.

Team Members Present: jy-p, JZ, DZ, Isaac, Big Red, Zubair, Josh, Anshawblack (local)

Event site: and

Participants: 1,000 (est. by Decred team). Last year was 8,000, promoters set expectations at 6,000, claimed 1,800 after the event.


  • Promote Decred to the attendees, Politeia's applications
  • Gauge conference and event enthusiasm for 2019 - use conclusions to plan events for the remainder of the year
  • Coordinate interviews across media outlets in attendance to promote Decred
  • Meet with others in attendance (institutional investors, other projects, media, etc.)
  • Test new messaging: SoV, Various tag lines, etc.
  • Review old swag & determine what needs updating/what can be disposed of
  • jy-p, JZ, Josh media training with Ditto
  • Evaluate Decred team members for future roles and involvement


  • The direct goal of promoting Decred to the conference was a major letdown based upon the number of attendees and the dearth of other high quality projects in attendance. This was a surprise, as the event last year was a major success. A good number of project contributors met Decred last year, including the community organizers just now starting in San Francisco.

  • Jake's presentation was well done and well attended given the conference attendance numbers.

  • Decred did have lots of quality meetings, including dinner with Chris DeRose, who has been very complimentary of Decred lately.

  • Interviews were held with Bitsonline, Cheddar, Altcoin Buzz, and CNBC Trader. We met with another media outlet and agreed to work on an exclusive after the event.

Learnings & Outcomes

  1. SoV, Secure. Adaptable. Self-Funding, and the accompanying messaging was found to be a very effective way of talking about Decred. It was found to be most clear and impactful.

  2. From inventory, we brought keychains, license plate holders, stickers, postcards, handouts, overview booklets, t-shirts, and tote bags. Going forward, we plan to only bring updated booklets, t-shirts and tote bags. This reduction of swag items should make things easier to manage in the future.

  3. The team went through media training and found it very useful. So much so, that we have training scheduled for seven further Decred contributors the first week of February.

  4. Big Red was determined to not be an Ethereum plant. He was a great part of the team and contributed in a positive way. It was also great to see Zubair at an event, knowing that he's organizing the community with Michael in Toronto. Anshawblack was incredibly valuable because of his Spanish language skills. He also was inspired to begin a Decred podcast with the working title "Decred in Depth", which is a great outcome from getting the team together.

Photos & Video







@jz_bz no we did not have an ICO A common question that was asked at the booth lol

Matt D!$ Matt D Hello Decred Community,

I want to thank Angelo, Jonathan, and the rest of the Decred members that were at The North American Bitcoin Conference for their hospitality.

As a digital marketer in the cryptocurrency space, I’ve had my fair share of project introductions at conferences.

My experience with Decred at BTC Miami was by far the best.

All the Decred members at the booth were professional, informative, and friendly. I had multiple hour long conversations at the booth where I had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about Decred. Following the insightful conversations, I was sent links to continue my research and received free merchandise as well.

Jake also had a killer keynote on the main stage

I'm happy to say I’ve secured my first bag of DCR and I’m currently downloading Decrediton so I can start staking.

I'm very excited to join this community and I’m looking forward to a bright future.


Decred T-Shirt Interest: Very High

Distribution in % based on 1000p

  • XS: 4%
  • S: 10%
  • M: 24%
  • L: 35%
  • XL: 25%
  • XXL: 2%

Recommendations: remove XS, XXL.

Decred Bags Interest: Very High

Recommendations: Dark bag with White or Light Blue logo.

Decred Brochure Interest: Very High

Recommendations: Integrate Contractor opportunities (currently on a separate A6)

Keychain Stakey Interest: Average

Stickers Interest: Low

  • Green (anti-ICO)
  • Blue (anti-ICO)
  • Round Decred Logo
  • White BG DCR logo

Recommendations: remove all, except oval DCR logo sticker.

Educational A6 Interest: Very Low

  • Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue Recommendations: remove.

License Plate Frame (Blue) Interest: Very Low

Recommendations: remove.

Contractor Recruitment Sheet Interest: Very Low

Recommendations: remove or integrate (short version) into the brochure.