Last Saturday @Zohand and I presented to Masters students at Swinburne University of Technology in our home town of Melbourne, Australia.

We were asked by Dr. Dimitrios Salampasis (Director, Master of Financial Technologies (MFinTech), FinTech Program Leader, Data Science Research Institute) to present to students of the Frontiers in FinTech unit of the Master of Financial Technologies course.

The presentation was kept as non-technical as possibly could have been, as we needed to introduce the general concepts and value-proposition of cryptocurrency with respect to the problems inherent to fiat and the traditional financial system. It's truly incredible when you see the facial expressions of people studying a university Masters degree in a financial technology course when they become aware that their own financial lexicon starts off by defining fiat money as something with no intrinsic value, and that its not backed by gold as is commonly assumed, and that the general banking system relies on SWIFT for inter-bank transfers, which is a technology older than SMS, and the process of using SWIFT does not in fact involve any actual money being transferred.

I incorporated some videos into the presentation. This video by the BBC was received quite well, as it provides a very short and simple explanation on the differences between what happens when purchasing something with cryptocurrency vs. the using the banking system

Then, after presenting a very brief introduction to Bitcoin, its history, and the history of how Decred was born, the following video was played

From this point it became much more fitting to progress into how Decred works, the hybrid PoW/PoS model, governance, Politeia, the three-way block reward split, project progress and roadmap. The students then became comfortable to ask questions, including questions on topics we often take for granted, such as "What is a fork?"

All in all, we feel the students enjoyed the presentation, and judging from their facial expressions, it appears they came out of it feeling somewhat more enlightened.

In consultation with DDustorf , @Zohand and I have been making a more concerted effort to engage with universities. We already have a cordial relationship with RMIT, and now Swinburne, and soon (hopefully) Monash University.