Post Report

by Emilio Mann

Campus Party is one of the biggest technology events in the world and one of the biggest editions is the Brazilian one in Sao Paulo. The event took place from 2/12 to 2/17, running 24 hours a day. Around 60,000 people pass through the event over the course of 6 days.

This year Decred was the only crypto currency participating officially and with an exclusive zone to present lectures and classes. Jake Yocom-Piatt was one of the special guests and presented a very nice talk at main stage. All Brazilian developer contractors were present and giving workshops.

Here are the themes presented:

  • Cryptocurrency Security and Adaptability - Jake Yocom-Piatt
  • Ensuring the safety of your cryptocoins - Matheus Degiovani
  • Applications of Politeia: Using Free Software for Proof of Existence - Fernando Abolafio & Tiago Alves Dulce & Tiago Figueiredo
  • Architecture of Politeia: The Decred Governance System - Fernando Abolafio
  • Workshop Lightning Network in Practice - Ricardo Blumer Grobel & Victor Oliveira
  • Decentralizing everything - João Ferreira & Gabriel Rhama
  • Workshop Playing with your own Decred network - Matheus Degiovani
  • Increasing Cryptography and Creating New Markets - Ingrid Barth
  • Workshop Performing Atomic Swaps in Practice - João Ferreira & Gabriel Rhama

Unfortunately some problems have happened. The event changed the place and our zone was smaller, we lost much space. It was for us to have a place for 100 people and was reduced to 25 people.

The problems were all caused by the event itself and other things that with experience we learned that we can improve and not depend on others.

One of the things: few people speak English in Brazil. In the next events that we have a non-Brazilian speaker, we will have to use someone from the community with technical knowledge to do the simultaneous translation and not the official translator from events.
The official translators don't know nothing about crypto and besides delaying to translate, causing a delay in the information that reaches the public, they don't know what to do with "technical" terms used in the crypto universe and that we don't translate as "blockchain", "atomic swaps", "lightning network", etc.

Also it was not announced that Jake would also have the questions of the public translated into English, this made no one ask questions.

For big events with great speakers as Jake, we should prepare "press kits" about the speakers. A press kit contain basic information about the person, the talk and links with interviews, articles and texts written by the speaker.

This makes it easy for the press to do an interview. We need to set schedules in advance for the interviews and they need to be fulfilled. We missed to do some interviews for this, including with the largest Brazilian open tv channel, the "rede globo".