Post Conference Report

By @elian

Conference: BitcoinDay, 04.04.2019, Auditorio Radio Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina Workshop: BitcoinDay for Developers, 05.04.2019, Laboratorio de Sistemas de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (LABSIS, National Technology University)

Duration: 2 days (04.04.2019 and 05.04.2019)

Decred attendees @elian

Participants: Conference ~350 (estimated)
Workshop 25 devs


40 A6 postcards
100 pins
35 t-shirts
35 key chains

Overall experience

Conference: BitcoinDay is one of the most active events in Latin America, they have organised conferences already and they are planning to continue taking the event to other countries in the region. The audience was a mixture of entrepreneurs, devs and general public from all ages. It is interesting to notice that half of the attendees were completely new to cryptocurrencies and this event was an entry point for them. Nonetheless, Argentinians are technologically sophisticated and tremendously aware of economics. They found out what happens when money stops working the way it should. As of today, the majority of the Argentinians resort to the dollar as a Store of Value to scape from inflation, more tech savvy people use Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as an alternative Store of Value.

The keynote I presented was named “Decred in 20 minutes”, it was a high level overview of what is Decred, it’s ethos of decentralisation and open source development, the characteristics of it’s hybrid blockchain, the role of PoS tickets in the governance of the project, Politeia mechanisms for consensus changes, the role of the Treasury in the project, who are the contractors behind the Decred and what are the next steps for the future.

It was a good opportunity to connect with the crypto and blockchain community in Argentina, which is an incredibly active community. I got the chance to talk with the representatives of several exchanges like OKCoin, Pablo Magro was at the Decred San Francisco meet-up and was delighted to see the presence of Decred expanding south and we talk about the recent listing of DCR in OKCoin. I also got the chance to meet with the CMO of Bitex, Manuel Beaudriot, and the CEO of Bitso, Pablo Gonzalez, two of the biggest exchanges in the Latin-American region. The conversations with them went around listing Decred in Bitex and Bitso, in both cases the main concern they express was the need of multisig wallets to secure Decred and regulations both in Mexico and Argentina.

The audience was very interested in the project due to it’s novelty and long history of development in the crypto ecosystem. They were surprised to know that some of our development founders are anonymous, like tacotime and _ingsoc. Our Treasury was also an interesting point for the audience and I receive several question about how the funds of the projects are set to be more descentralized over time and what are the requirements to make a proposal in Politeia, I made an open invitation to entrepreneurs and devs to make to get proposals rolling.

It is important to notice that the community of developers in Argentina are among the most sophisticated in the region. Argentina has seen several projects to gain traction and global attention, like RSK, Xapo, Decentraland, Wasabi Wallet, among others, the majority of these projects were present at BitcoinDay. My impression is that after this visit to Argentina, Decred will get more traction in the region as a unique Store of Value and a truly decentralised cryptocurrency

Workshop: as part of the programme of BitcoinDay, there was a workshop organised in the National University of Technology for developers interested into blockchain technology. The audience was only devs from Argentina interested to know more about work opportunities in the cryptocurrency industries and how to use decentralised infrastructure to build applications to specific use cases. The agenda for the workshop was “How to become a Decred contractor”, “Smart contracts in the RSK blockchain” and “Smart contracts in the NEM blockchain”.

The name of my presentation was “How to become a Decred contractor”, it was a very practical overview of our communications channels, mainly Riot and GitHub, the recruiting documents and other resources to get more information about the project, finding an issue to start working on, getting paid in DCR and the future of the Contractor Management Model and the Decred Contractor Clearance. The main objetive of the workshop was to invite Argentinian devs to contribute with Decred and to get them closer to a high quality blockchain project.