Post Conference Report

By @kozel

Conference: 10 lat Bitcoina (10 Years of Bitcoin), 26.01.2019, Palladium Theatre, Warsaw

Duration: 1 day (26.01.2019)

Decred attendees @donmario, @karamble, @lolekbolek, @kozel

Participants: ~150-200 (estimated)


  • 2 designs of stickers
  • A6 postcards (Decred & Politeia variety)
  • Tote Bags (44 out of 60 left)
  • T Shirts (36 out of 60 left)

Swag remained from Blockchain Fiesta

Thanks to @donmario for the totals

  • As per usual, cards were given out freely alongside the stickers. T-shirts and totes were handed out to people who engaged with us a bit more and wanted to learn about the project, as they frequently asked "what do I have to do for a t-shirt?"

  • We encountered several slightly more high-profile individuals like a few YouTube crypto personalities, who hinted about covering DCR, even several DCR investors (who were a little bit out of date regarding DCR developments) to whom we gave swag automatically; these fellows engaged with us several times throughout the event.


  • The stand/booth was in the theatre hallway, up the steps from the theatre stage where the presentations happened, so it got adequate exposure with people constantly walking by. The traffic, which picked up very noticeably during presentation breaks, was good, with all 4 team members frequently engaged in conversation with conference attendees. The setup can be seen here, and there is a recording of most/all of the talks given at the event, as well as plenty of photos from the event on the conference's website, with a few selected below:


Overall experience:

  • The conference celebrated 10 years of Bitcoin's existence and the attendance consisted of a good mixture of people championing different projects, some eager to learn more, some just there to present and/or tow their party line.

  • Outreach-wise we were able to establish relations with a few more crypto outlets, such as the magazine, a crypto quarterly potentially interested in publishing a Decred article, Cyfrowa Ekonomia and to whom we gave a couple of interviews, and who even wrote up a conference report, in which they write the following about Decred's talk

    Holger Klein (Decred) talked about longevity in cryptocurrencies on the basis of Decred. In his talk Holger highlighted how a solid consensus model should be built and to what degree the role of the community is telling of the development and future of blockchain projects.

    and the booth

    The next booth that attracted crowds of interested attendees was Decred. Decred is an open source, progressive cryptocurrency with a community-based governance system integrated into its blockchain. The Decred boys were intensely engaged in answering questions of those interested displaying tons of patience at that, since the questions poured in basically all the time!

  • Apart from the abovementioned, we engaged with two high-profile individuals, one of whom is the founder and former CEO of, currently operating in Malta, Sylwester Suszek, and Patryk Kempi?ski, co-founder of a new Polish exchange and cryptocurrency outlet about Decred integration and fiat on-ramps (PLN, USD, EUR).

  • Most of the conversations we had were amicable with a few more confrontational ones. This being a more cryptocurrency-oriented conference, fewer people asked us about our ICO as some of them were at least partly familiar with Decred, yet still engaged to learn more about it straight from the horse's mouth. Despite everything, staples like question about use cases still persist.

  • Plenty of people are still intrigued by Decred's hybrid PoW/Pos architecture and would like to learn more, so to those and all others we pitched the Decred Journal, so they could keep up with current developments.